Crown Lengthening for a Less Gummy Smile

Crown lengthening, a common cosmetic dentistry treatment, offers the ideal solution if you have a gummy smile. Your dentist in Camarillo, CA, Dr. Michael McCarthy, can help you decide if crown lengthening is a good choice for you.

Fixing your gummy smile with crown lengthening

Do your gums cover too much of your teeth? Although anyone can have a gummy smile, the problem is more common in women, according to Stat Pearls. Gummy smiles are often inherited. If your smile is gummy, changes are a family member has the same issue.

Crown lengthening offers an excellent solution if you're ready to do something about your smile. The procedure exposes more of your tooth surface by removing and reshaping excess gum tissue. If crown lengthening sounds like a good option to you during your visit to the Camarillo, CA, dental office, your dentist will discuss your expectations for the cosmetic dentistry procedure. He'll also share images that will give you an idea of what your smile will look like after treatment.

Before crown lengthening begins, you'll receive a local anesthetic to ensure that you feel no pain. Once you're comfortably numb, your dentist will use a laser or scalpel to create a new gum line for you. After the procedure, you'll need to temporarily follow a soft diet and brush the area around your gums gently. Over-the-counter or prescription pain medication will ease any pain you may experience.

Other gummy smile options

Your dentist may also recommend one of these options if you have a gummy smile:

  • Botox Treatment: If you're not quite ready to try crown lengthening, Botox injections may offer a short-term solution. The injections relax your upper lip and stop it from rising too high when you smile. The injections are placed on either side of your nose and must be used every three to four months to maintain your appearance.
  • Lip Surgery: Lip surgery targets the muscles that raise the lip and offer a permanent way to reduce the movement in your upper lip when you smile.

Are you interested in crown lengthening or other cosmetic dentistry services and treatments? Call (805) 482-3214 to schedule an appointment with your Camarillo, CA, dentist, Dr. McCarthy.

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